triple2 sportswear triple2 chooses with great care the materials they use for their products. Besides looking at the functionality of a material, we take a close look at ecological and social factors. This manifests itself in the choice of our production and suppliers. Below you can find an overview of the materials and certificates.


CARVICO & JERSEY LOMELLINA CARVICO & JERSEY LOMELLINA produces in Italy high elasticated knitted fabrics. We are using for our products from Carvico und Jersey Lomellina materials that are made out of recycled polyamid. Their material comes from Europe. It is recycled and made into a yarn in Slovakia. Their materials are treated with eco-friendly polygiene which take care of any sweat.


37.5® 37.5®-Patented Technology permanently incorporates natural active particles that have micro porous structures, into fibres, fabrics, polymers, and films. These active particles have been tested by industry standards and have been found to enhance the performance of fabrics by 30 to 50%. The benefit of 37.5® technology includes: increased breathability, evaporative cooling, Dry Times, UV protection and odour management.


DYNTEX DYNTEX produces mainly highly light-weight technical polyester fabrics. Their company base is in Japan. We are using from Dyntex a 40 g/m2 light Rib-Stop Polyester for our DUUN Jacket, KAMSOOL Vest and HANNING Jacket. Dyntex materials are produced under bluesign® aspects.


Hemp has been used for 1000 of years in different fabrics. Advantage: antibacterial, fast drying and a great user comfort. triple2 has developed together with Hemp Fortex a new material out of recycled polyester and hemp fibres that are very light, fast drying but still has an exclusive casual look.


LAVALAN® SPORT LAVALAN® SPORT is a natural insulation produced in Germany for the Outdoor sector, with a high performance and great washing character. 88% is made out of sheep virgin wool and 12% is made out of Polylactid (PLA) which is gained out of industry corn. In comparison to a polyester insulation the natural insulation can pick up to 33% sweat, without feeling cold or wet. Furthermore this material is 100% recyclable without the need of any chemical means and is a 100% fast growing resource.


MAPP® MERINO MAPP® MERINO-wool originates from New Zealand and de nitely belongs to the worlds leading wool when it comes to quality and performance. MAPP Merino is produced in free range farming systems, which are animal and environment friendly. This is controlled by different independent organisations. Mulesin which is very painful for animals is forbidden in New Zealand and our suppliers commit to this prohibition.


PONTETORTO® TECNOWOOL & MERINO TECNOWOOL PONTETORTO® TECNOWOOL & MERINO TECNOWOOL Pontetorto produces since 1952 wool products made in Italy. Pontetorto Sportsystem has married their traditional wool fabrics and their modern knits to create this new line of fabrics with the beautiful look of wool that performs technically. The triple2 materials used also have a membrane that secures the materials being windproof and water-repellent. Besides the Tecno Wool products we also use from Pontetorto the bluesign® certi ed Merino-Wool. Pontetorto products lie under the Ökotex 100 standard and are bluesign® certified.


THYGESEN & BIRK THYGESEN & BIRK produces exclusive merino products. The materials we use are fabricated in a special way: one side of the fabric is made out of polyester and the inside is merino. The advantage is that the material from the outside is strong and abrasion proof whilst the inside secures high comfort and odour control. The merino wool is mulesing free. All materials are certified by REACH and Ökotex 100.


SYMPATEX® SYMPATEX®-Membrane is guaranteed green, in other words 100% recyclable like a PET bottle. The functional textile specialist has firmly established itself as the ecological alternative on the market and on top is bluesign® certified, making it completely eco-friendly. triple2 only uses fabrics from Sympatex that are free from Fluorcarbon and have a waterproof treatment (Bionic Finish Eco). All Sympatex-products are eco-friendly.


SCHOELLER SCHOELLER is one of the most innovative textile producers around. They are especially well known for their softshell materials. Besides their softshell materials Schoelller produce great denim and membrane materials and underlie the bluesign® standard. For our products we are using Schoeller denim that has an eco-friendly treatment which is water and dirt-repellent.


BIONIC FINISH ECO BIONIC FINISH ECO is an eco-friendly treatment for textiles. This treatment secures that the fabric is water-repellent. It is fully free from any flour and formaldehyde. This treatment is bluesign® certified. A big plus is that the treatment is wash-permanent and lasts up to 20 washing cycles without having to renew the impregnation.


BLUESIGN® BLUESIGN® is an independent swiss chemists group that examine the energy, water and chemical usage of their „System-partner“. The declared objective of the independent bluesign® standard is to put a reliable and proactive tool at the disposal of the entire textile production chain – from raw material and component suppliers who manufacture e.g.: yarns, dyes and additives, to textile manufacturers, to retailer and brand companies, to consumers.


ECOREPEL ECOREPEL is an eco-friendly treatment for textiles. The ecorepel®-treatment protects from any wet and wet dirt. This technology is biodegradable (OECD 302 B (80 – 100%)) and free from Fluorcarbonen (PFC). Textiles that are treated with ecorepel® can be washed (at least 30 washes at 40°C), dry cleaned (W-cleaning) and are highly abrasion resistant.


To have maximum comfort when cycling it is vital to choose the right cycling pad. To give our customers a great experience we have decided to solely use pads from the Italian market leader Elastic Interface. The elasticity enables the pad to perfectly follow and adapt to the legs in motion during every pedal stroke.


POLYGIENE POLYGIENE actively stops bacteria growing on treated fabrics, specific virus (e.g:. tested with SARS, H5N1 Virus) and fungi (e.g.: Athletes foot , Staphyloccocus Aureus). The permanent Polygiene treatment is the only one of its kind and it is bluesign® certified. Clothes that have been treated with Polygiene can be worn longer without having to wash. This way less energy, water and washing powder need to be used. The duration of clothes, shoes and accessories is prolonged through eliminating bacteria, which destroy synthetic fabrics. Polygiene is produced out of recycled active components through which no natural resources are used. This product is produced in the EU under minimal usage of resources and in agreement with strong eco-obligations.



Production – 100% Made in Croatia

Our products are produced to 100% in Croatia. We profit a lot from our European production as they have a high know how in working with highly sensitive and highly technical products and secure the great quality of our products. The employees are very motivated and enjoy developing products and delivering the highest quality. No challenge is too high and through being close to our production makes communication and development easy.

The materials we use are all of a high quality and mostly come from Europe. For example our insulation material that we use for our DUUN Jacket comes from Germany; the material for our SCHAAP and FLEEK Jackets comes from Italy.

Our aim for the future is that 100% of our products and accessories come from Europe. This way we can keep transport distances short, through which we can save further emission.

We don’t only say we want to be a fair and eco company but also act this way – we offer our customers to repair their clothes. In our crash replacement program we replace old products and use these for other materials. Find out more about this topic on our website:


triple2 Philosophy

In 1994, we want to explore Lake Garda – our Bike Mecca. I, Matthias Dreuw, have only just passed my drivers license and set off with my camper van, my bike and my mates. At night we sleep on pebble beaches, during the day we cycle up summits, along trails, looking for the perfect flow. 601 and Sentiero della Pace are the names of trails where we really put our bikes to the test. Yet these trails are missing „flow“. At a local pizza place we receive the crucial tip.

The next day we bike up to an altitude of 1600 meters and can hardly believe our luck. At the end of an alpine meadow, a trail emerges. The number: 222. The soft forest floor alternates with difficult technical passages. Cheers accompany the ride while we drift into the valley. The trail has impressed us. What a perfect combination out of natures beauty and technical challenges. Never have we experienced a trail as intense as here.

Those days we spent our time in cut off army trousers and baggy T-shirts – our style was important. Neon polyester outfits were no alternative. With our “street” clothes we felt most comfortable on the bike. Yet these were not functional. This we wanted to change. triple2 combines in our products timeless design with clever functions, sustainable materials and a fair production. Instead of making Fast Fashion we produce honest, fair and durable products. It is our all-rounder, favourite piece and timeless beauties that we keep bringing out of the cupboard. They accompany us in our daily lives and are an expression of the perfect symbiosis between beauty and function at Lake Garda.

We love sustainable, timeless design and yet don’t want to miss out on perfect function. We want to ride with style to work and afterwards climb up to the next summit. For this reason we develop clothes that work perfectly in nature and in the city. Whether you are looking for water resistant or normal everyday clothes, our products are both stylish and packed from head to toe with functionality. We develop all-rounder products with a timeless design.

Triple2 is unique – for us it is not enough to solely use sustainable materials. For this reason we rely as much as possible on renewable and recycled materials from Europe. Sustainability and fairness is not a trend, but a must. We commit ourselves to fair wages and working conditions. For this reason we are not producing in Asia but all our products are exclusively made in Croatia, Europe.


Not only the products we produce are made under responsible conditions but also our o ce falls under the eco spotlight.

All our packaging and marketing material is made from recycled paper, our electricity is covered by renewable sources and whenever possible we use our bikes to get around. Our commitment does not stop when we step out of the o ce but goes beyond. We help nature wherever we can and take care of trails and forests.

Besides using as many eco-friendly products as possible, producing in Europe we offer a repair service and a crash-replacement programme. This way the life of used products is prolonged. Furthermore we also collect our used products and recycle these professionally.

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